Mark Reese: Creator, Producer, Writer, Director, Camera.


As a National Public Radio producer/commentator on Morning Edition with Bob Edwards, Reese’s essay “America Transformed” was among NPR’s Peabody Award winning coverage of 9/11 (Mark was in New York on 9/11, scheduled to have breakfast on the 106th World Trade Center). His 1996 ESPN mini-series, “The Brooklyn Dodgers: The Original America's Team” (distributed by DISNEY), was highly acclaimed and has been cited as one of TV’s best sports documentary series. USA Today gave the series four stars. Gannet News Service called “Twilight In Noon,” the second installment of the series, the “best film ever produced on

Jackie Robinson.”





The New York Times called the series “elegant, intelligent [and] evocative,” saying, “one is most drawn to the emotional and socio political episodes.”  His 1996 ESPN  feature documentary “Boys In Winter” won the New York International Independent Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize for best documentary. Creator, writer, director of Diamonds Along the Highway, a five-part PBS documentary series. Mark, along with Oscar winner David S. Ward who penned such screen classics as “The Sting” and “Sleepless in Seattle,” adapted Roger Kahn’s classic Boys of Summer into a screenplay. Reese, along with Frank Marshall (ET, Indiana Jones, Signs), was named co-producer. In 2005 HBO hired Mark to write a feature length film about baseball’s Great  Experiment (see Variety Magazine story, Dec. 23, 2005).  Mark’s other love is contemporary theater, with some fifty plays to his credit as a stage director. He splits his time between homes in Los Angeles and Venice, Florida.


 Gus Mollasis: Co-producer, Host, Writer and Researcher

Before he became host and co-producer of the PBS series Diamonds Along the Highway, Gus was host and writer of a live weekly TV show, “At the Movies.” His degrees in psychology and journalism, in addition to his compassion, afforded him the ability to conduct informative and lively interviews. “At the Movies” had over 200 shows to its credit. Notable guests include: Billy Crystal, Tony Curtis, Ed Norton, Richard Dreyfuss, Charlize Theron, Jackie Mason, Lucy Arnaz, Norman Jewison, Frank Darabont, Woody Harrelson, Kevin Kline, Sally Kellerman, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi and Ernie Harwell just to name a few.


As author of the best selling biography “The Supernatural,” the story of NFL Hall of Famer Lem Barney, with a forward by Bill Cosby, his in depth look chronicles the truly amazing life of this sports legend. Gus has also penned a bestselling book about his beloved Detroit Red Wings, On a Wing and a Prays, chronicling the team's pursuit of a Stanley Cup after a 42-year drought.


Gus was both writer and project manager for Ford Motor Company’s education-marketing materials. Fluent in all aspects of media, his goal and passion is to bring quality programming and honest reporting to his viewers and readers. But Gus is most famous for his

ability to understand the human condition at its best, and at its worst. His secret: “Be interested, not interesting.”


David Amram: Series Composer

Among the most acclaimed stage, screen and television composers of his generation, Amram is often called the “Renaissance Man of American Music.” He’s responsible for the musical scores for such Hollywood classics as the “Manchurian Candidate” and “Splendor In the Grass” (Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty). Amram and Jack Kerouac performed the first ever Jazz/poetry performance in 1957. His Holocaust Opera, “The Final Ingredient,” is considered a landmark moment in network television history.












Gus Mollasis & Mark Reese                                                               photo by Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer: Associate Producer, Additional Camera

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For the past twenty years Mark has been involved in local and national projects in video, still photography, and all aspects of visual media. From corporate to original narrative Mark is passionate about good film making.