Unconditional Surrender


The producers have been granted exclusive access to the story of Carl “Moose” Muscarello, the sailor who instigated the kiss that was seen around the world, as captured in a Life Magazine photo taken after victory in Japan was declared (V-J Day), August 15, 1945. The statue that overlooks Sarasota Bay and commemorates the famous Times Square photo has been the local cause celebre since 2006. Some call “Unconditional Surrender” an abomination, others a glorious tribute to the “Greatest Generation.”


But the real controversy is not in the statue but  in  the sailor and nurse represented. Moose, a Ft. Lauderdale native, claims he is that sailor; others around the country say he isn’t. Muscarello, who refuses to accept a dime for his likeness, welcomes the controversy and believes that all the flap is one

of the reasons why WWII was fought in the first place—and that is the basic right to freedom of speech. In a time of war and terror, Carl shares his definition of heroics and patriotism, while the producers reveal new evidence concerning the statue.





Baby Artist:

The life and art of Gale Fulton Ross


Baby Artist recently was honored as Best Documentary by the Tampa Bay Association of Black Journalists during the 2013 Griot Drum Awards.


Gale Fulton Ross, the acclaimed African-American artist living and working near Siesta Key, has an amazing story and life she wants to share. Her paintings are a unique blend of the black experience, raging from high profiled commissioned work to the abstract. But this is only part of her story. Her father, Herman Fulton Jr., committed suicide when she was a

young woman. Also an artist, Mr. Fulton battled depression, especially after his seminal work, as Gale makes claim, was stolen right out from under him. Mr. Fulton’s creation would become a landmark automotive design—the Cadillac “fin.” But, is Herman Fulton the “father of the fin?”


And, did General Motors confiscate his blueprints and give credit to another designer, a white designer? In the film, Gale has several revelations as she learns more about the man she called “Daddy” and the legacy he left behind.



Jack Kerouac Slept Here


The untold storythe writer’s life in Orlando, as well the next generation of writers who will sleep where Jack once slept. The episode that launches the series goes to the Kerouac home that is now a writer’s retreat. Here he wrote Dharma Bums, the follow up to his generation defining novel, “On The Road.”


The episode documents a historic literary moment when Dr. Joyce Johnson, Jack’s former lover and author of two books about him, makes her first visit to the Kerouac home in Orlando. Joyce relives the intense relationship she had with the controversial  author through letters she sent him over fifty years ago.




A Chance to Live: A story of survival


Today he lives behind the security of a gated community in Venice, Florida. Here he is free to reflect through his words, his paintings, and his incredible life’s journey. As a small boy, Pieter Kohnstam lived with his parents in an apartment in Amsterdam during World War II. Anne Frank, whose diary later became world famous, was a neighbor and playmate.


When the Nazis occupied the Netherlands, the Frank family went into hiding, but the Kohnstams decided to flee. Their year-long odyssey was filled with hardship, danger and miraculous escapes. In addition, other Holocaust survivors, Florida residents all, share their personal stories of survival, and loss.





Siesta Awakening:

Florida’s mystical gem


This is the “other side” to one of Florida’s great landmarks, Siesta Key. Yes, it is one of the most famous beaches in the world, and yes its sands  are made of crystal, but this is a beach story you haven’t heard.


This is that part of the story the brochures don’t mention, the fascinating and passionate people who claim Siesta Key Beach has mystical qualities, both of the physical and spiritual. Some actually have proof, and all have stories.


Join Gus Mollasis as he visits a sacred tree and encounters vortexes during his own awakening to this beautiful part of the world. Be prepared to say,